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Year 2007 Chinese
Division of Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Recipient Affiliation Citation
Chiu Sheng-Hsien Department of Chemistry, NTU View
Shih Chi-Tin Department of Physics, THU View
Kao Shuh-Ji Research Center for Environmental Changes, AS View
Chen Kuo-Chang Department of Mathematics, NTHU View
Chen Pei-Lin Research Center for Applied Sciences, AS View
Division of Life Sciences
Recipient Affiliation Citation
Wang Ting-Fang  Institute of Biological Chemistry, AS View
Chiou Tzyy-Jen Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center, AS View
Chuang Trees-Juen Genomics Research Center, AS View
Chiu Jeng-Jiann Division of Medical Engineering Research, NHRI View
Liao Fang Institute of Biomedical Sciences, AS View
Division of Humanities and Social Sciences
Recipient Affiliation Citation
Lee Chia-Ying Institute of Linguistics, AS View
Chang Ku-Ming Institute of History and Philology, AS View
Chen Wei-Fen Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, AS View
Lan Pei-Chia Department of Sociology, NTU View
Gong Jow-Jiun Institute of Philosophy, NSYSU View